And then there's of course Walter/Wendy Carlos, who first switched on Bach, then on other famous Baroque composers (Monteverdi, Scarlatti, Händel) and finally on Ludwig Van himself, changing his (Walter's) sex and first name in the process.

These three albums (Switched-on-Bach, The Well Tempered Synthesizer and A Clockwork Orange - The Soundtrack) are among my favorites and still sound amazingly fresh on my Yamaha Hifi from the eighties. Despite numerous google searches, I've not been able to locate an original Scarlatti or Händel Carlos performance (apparently they are well guarded, and deleted almost as fast as they appear), but here's a good Scarlatti "copy", as well as a French version of the beginning of the soundtrack (that's Purcell) :

Ambulo, ergo sum!
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