Matt Hughes wrote:

But I bounced off Eddison back in the Lin Carter Ballantine Fantasy days. Awful stuff.

I bounced off thrice in three different bookshops in three different parts of the world. At the last occasion, I took the book from its shelf and installed my person in a chair to read a couple of pages. After a minute or so, my fingers started clenching the arms of the chair. My back arched and my eyes bulged from their sockets. I turned over backward, then rolled, jerked, jumped and bounded out of the bookshop before the amazed eyes of its visitors. Despite Doc's frequent recommendations, I now feel a bit reluctant to have another try.

Still, I have to admit that a couple of lines in his long quote above (such as "What stirreth?" and "smiting on the hinder parts and on the ham") may have their merits in a particular context, especially when the beauty already is in the eyes of the beerholders.

Ambulo, ergo sum!
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