Thanks for the response, Sarnidac. I value the fact that you bothered to think about it before replying, even if I had completely forgotten the question.

To be honest, at the time I asked it, I was having to deal with a lot of complete idiocy, both in people I knew and from public discourse, and, looking at the people from elsewhere, like the members of this board, I was starting to wonder if speaking English exclusively led to ossification of the brain. Of course, looking at it objectively, I realize people like you, or axolotl, or Sudo Nonimus, who bother to become not only fluent but witty in another language are going to show more brain snap than your average blogger. I'm sure there are village idiots in your own country that I know nothing about. But still ...

Anyway, most of my experience has been confined to the United States and the English language. However, I have noticed that people who speak more than one language regularly seem to be better able to understand and accept new ideas than those who are monolingual. Speaking a different language forces us to view things differently. And I worry, with English supplanting native languages, that we are loosing a very important tool for thinking.

I haven't explained that very well, have I? I really need to think about it myself and get back to you when I can put it more understandably.

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