axolotl wrote:
That's what really frightens the hell out of me... We forget everything we've ever written and are condemned to write it all over again.
That reminds me of a short story by a Dutch author, Wim Gijsen, "Beware of Protocols!". It's a time-paradox story, in the tradition of Robert Heinlein's famous By his Bootstraps (Astounding, 1941). In a far future, a population has found the way to create its own future. This is achieved by the guild of Writers, who go to work every day and write the history of the future in so-called protocols. When the procedure was installed, they managed to get ahead of the now by almost a year, but as their creativity was waning, they barely managed to keep one day ahead of it, which was a precarious situation. They then cheated by simply writing the protocol of the previous days all over again, but this didn't last very long, since people started to get very bored. Finally they managed to find a way to steal time from their own past, which worked well for a certain time, until one of the writers gets an unexpected visitor ...

Ambulo, ergo sum!