A nice collection of maps! I am a big fan of maps and atlases myself (as a child, I could sit still for hours and leaf through them, wondering how the countries looked like, what people and animals lived there, what languages were spoken, and dreamt of exploring them). Still, I have mixed feelings about adding a map to a sf or fantasy volume. Most of these maps look too simple, too standardised;they fail to reproduce the images already evoked by reading the book. There's one big exception though : the map of Earthsea. Totally convincing, and such a wealth of names and forms! A pity that this reproduction is but a poor reflection of the one I have in my copy of Wizards of Earthsea. The Arrakis maps aren't bad either, and more sf-like.

The Vance map depicting "Grossmotholamische Reiche" (http://www.fantasy-atlas.org/karten/vance1.html) is very interesting. The map looks very similar to the Bay of Naples. The old city and ruins of Kaiin are almost exactly at the place where Pompeii is, and the "Kobalt Berg" (mountain) has its counterpart in the Vesuvio, Ampridatvir in the island of Ischia (admittedly, the former one is a bit smaller), and the island Mar in the island of Capri.
To the south of the Bay, one finds the "Kap der wehmutigen Erinnerungen", or Cape of Melancholic Memories, at the place of today's Sorrento. There, where the coast sharply turns to the south, I know a small hotel, with an exquisite view on the bay, a hotel that evokes in me and a certain lady the best of memories ...


Please note, more to the south, on the Amalfi coast, the beautiful village of Positano. Before it became famous and expensive (very expensive), quite a few authors stayed there and wrote famous books. The Vances stayed there as well :

The Vances have had extensive travels, including one around-the-world voyage, and often spent several months at a time living in places like Ireland, Tahiti, South Africa, Positano (in Italy) and on a houseboat on Lake Nagin in Kashmir. (Wikipedia)

Which makes my correlation between Grand Motholam and the Bay of Naples even more interesting.

Ambulo, ergo sum!
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