opiate taylor wrote:
I don't feel that City of the Chasch is in any way inferior to the other three Tschai books. To me the series' low point is the final book,
Haha! Great minds think alike.

I don't consider Chasch "inferior" to later episodes, but Vance had a job to do here -- he needed to introduce the reader to Tschai, its various alien races, etc. He did this by landing Reith in the simplest, least interesting setting, the nomads of the steppe. This allows Reith to learn the language (literally the language!) and to be informed by Traz about Tschai, the master races, etc., as they trek across the steppe. I find the first chapters of Chasch to be the least interesting, but I think the book, and the series, takes off from there.

My problem with the Tschai sequence has always been The Pnume. As I have stated here before, I wasn't impressed by the Pnumes' underworld, which seems rather conventional and even hard to believe in parts, what with canals hundreds of miles long (think about the hydraulic difficulties involved). Foreverness, of course, makes up for a lot else.

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