toddmars wrote:
I've started Araminta Station seems slower and deeper. not far along.
In fact, this was Vance's first extended SF novel and was deliberately paced much slower to accommodate the intended length. All the stuff before Araminta (and Lyonesse in the fantasy category) was written for the earlier, standard-module book market, especially paperbacks, where it was 60,000 words, plus or minus, anything longer became a series.

And speaking of series, I endorse the Tschai quadrilogy and the Demon Princes quintilogy as introductions to Vance for middle-teens. They lack teen protagonists, but there's lots of action and adventure, strange worlds, wicked villains, etc., all slathered over with Vance's unique voice. I can't imagine a teen who wouldn't revel in Treesong's appearance at his high school reunion.