Sarnidac the Dwarf wrote:
Amazing. Three of these I'd definitely not recommend. Emhyrio is an experiment Jack has never repeated, and in that sense not typical of his oeuvre. It's also rather dark and gloomy.The original version of Big Planet is lost, and we are stuck with a somewhat maimed remnant. And The Last Castle is much more profound than it seems, since it too (as is the case with The Miracle Workers) is influenced by Kuhn's paradigms (the castle aristocracy finding it mentally impossible to shift from the old to the new paradigm). Sure, one can read it without having knowledge of the philosophical background, but with it the story is much more profound than a simple fantasy story. Remains Tschai ...

Emphyrio might be sombre,gloomy but its a typical Vance book to me. The same strenghts you find in his best books of both SF,fantasy. Great world building,story,characters,aliens,their different culture etc.

Its also heartfelt story. It might not be typical that its gloomy but the quality is typical Vance.

IMO a great Vance will open your interest for him more than a mid level more typical story of his.

You shouldn't expect a younger read to want simple fantasy,story because of his age and recommend Planet of Adventure.

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