I never got to meet him, but we had a nice telephone conversation, and he had a lot of advice for me about raising my daughter, which I appreciated. He is actually a very kind, caring man. He told me he doesn't like movies, which I already knew but was interested to hear his reasons for this opinion. He practically made me promise I would never smoke cigarettes. He talked a LOT about his son John's sailing adventures...Jack is obviously a proud father. Importantly, Jack turned me on to a GREAT book called "White Chords," by Richard Sudhalter, which demonstrates that in the jazz of the '20s and '30s -- what Jack listens to -- white musicians contributed almost equally to blacks in the development of the artform, which is not a well-known fact and somewhat supressed by the media. In secret, many white and black musicians jammed together in those days and made great music, or studied one another, just as Louis and Bix did. Sudhalter has a great 2 CD collection called "White Chords" that I heartily recommend. Instead of the unmentioned subject of writing being the 800 pound gorilla of the conversation, it seemed natural to both of us not to talk about it, and I was quite happy with that.

"Symmetry and asymmetry are convivial. The paradox of order and chaos in simultaneous improvisation is such a challenge to hold in focus. But in that balancing, (for it is surely in infinite process and never totally balanced)--- in that conversation, -- in that music, the new enters the patterns."

~ Nora Bateson

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