The way I approached Jack, years ago, was to write him a short letter about the great time I had watching an impromptu performance by The Sons of Bix, at the Central City, Colorado, Jazz Festival. This group was a one-time gathering of well-regarded old-timers such as former members of The Queen City Jazz Band and Lu Waters. I didn't mention Jack's writing at all. A week later he called me and we had a very nice phone conversation in which we discussed jazz, sailing, teenagers, and the dangers of smoking. Then he called my dad and they had a fantastic conversation about traditional jazz, of which my dad is an exponent and collector. They both worked in record stores as teenagers and enjoyed talking about 78 rpm recordings and bands such as The New Orleans Rhythm Kings. I don't think Jack is much interested in talking about his writing, so I avoided the topic. He was very easy going and we were able to simply talk as regular people. I hope my experience is helpful to you.

"Symmetry and asymmetry are convivial. The paradox of order and chaos in simultaneous improvisation is such a challenge to hold in focus. But in that balancing, (for it is surely in infinite process and never totally balanced)--- in that conversation, -- in that music, the new enters the patterns."

~ Nora Bateson

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