It's been my great pleasure through the years to watch this board thrive and blossom. Mike's original board was terrific, and this one is even better. Many thanks to Board Owner Mike; Admins axolotl, Kilo Volt, Willem, and Former Admin MoodIndigo1; Board Owner Dan Gunter; and (almost) all the members past and present. It is amazing to me that I have actually physically met with some of the people I first virtually befriended on the board. I come and go, disapearing for months on end, as I haven't read any Vance in ages and have little of substance to contribute, but I am inevitably drawn back by the witty conversation. Congratulations on a worthy endeavor.

"Symmetry and asymmetry are convivial. The paradox of order and chaos in simultaneous improvisation is such a challenge to hold in focus. But in that balancing, (for it is surely in infinite process and never totally balanced)--- in that conversation, -- in that music, the new enters the patterns."

~ Nora Bateson

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