I agree with Jojo--and, incidentally, with Sarnidac--here. But then, I am not a big fan of book omnibuses or reading novels in the form of heavy tomes. I congratulate the book collectors who will go for this however and do not begrudge them their fun. And I hope some of those dollars end up in Jack Vance's pocket. For myself I hope for a day when someone with a different kind of business sense will start to offer cheaper single novels or story collections, preferably without any form of illustrations or home-made typography, as some kind of POD product with a cut for the rightsholder. This would allow me, and legions of admirers of Vance's prose, to cherry pick books as the fancy would strike us. Some people with limited means could over time get hold of all those Vance works no longer kept in print by publishers of the antiquated type.

By the way, how about that infamous Google Book Search deal? Is the Vance oeuvre part of this, or not? Has Google already put non-VIE Vance books through their awesome scanning robots?

"As part of the $125 million settlement signed in October 2008, Google created a Google Book Settlement web site that went active on February 11, 2009. This site allows authors and other rights holders of out of print (but copyright) books to submit a claim by January 5, 2010. In return they will receive $60 per full book, or $5 to $15 for partial works. In return, Google will be able to index the books and display snippets in search results, as well as up to 20% of each book in preview mode. Google will also be able to show ads on these pages and make available for sale digital versions of each book. Authors and copyright holders will receive 63 percent of all advertising and e-commerce revenues associated with their works."

Full text: Wikipedia

If "Vandals of the Void" becomes available from Google I would certainly buy it as it's the only Vance novel published in the pre-VIE era that I haven't read, and if Jack received 63% of the money I would not complain.