Knygathin wrote:
With all terrifying stories told, I don't think I would have been able to relax inside a submarine though!
Did they have a shared washing, toilets and shower facility for all the boats in the LA harbour where your friend stayed?

Submerging for the first time is a disconcerting experience. On the other hand, you loose your fear of going under water because you know you can come back up again. That's something that skimmers never get.

The shared washing, toilets, showers facilities are pretty standard in any marina, these days. Even our marina has one. It's the short-term docks that can be a bit shy of amenities. Our short-term dock has public toilets, but you gotta hike a piece to find a shower or washing machine.

The LA Harbor marina, on the other hand, had sewer linkages at each birth, so my friend could route his shower and toilet directly into it. He only had to leave to boat to do laundry.