Knygathin wrote:
1) I posted sporadically on this forum a few years ago. But other things got in the way, and I have not read Jack Vance since then!

2) I love Jack Vance's vessels, and my favorite one is Lhaiz (What a wonderful name! Although "Lies" is perhaps not the wisest choice of name for a sailing vessel,

3) I figured that Jack Vance fans must like boats!
1) I am amazed at the shameful things people will confess on the anonymous Internet. Does this mean you have not yet read Ports of Call or Lurulu?

2) The problem of how to pronounce Vance's made-up names arises yet again. I would have pronounced Lhaiz as "laze" rather than "lies"; and "laze" is an even better name for a boat!

3) Well, at least Jack Vance likes boats. But his experience with them may cast some light on your question: Jack eventually found that it was expensive to maintain and dock a large sailing craft. Unlike the fens of Trullion, there are not a lot of free boat-parking places where other necessary services are available, and anything that sits in water needs regular care and maintenance. Still, I am aware of one historical example: the prominent amateur astronomer A. Stanley Williams lived in a boat in London back about a century ago, when he became a leading expert on the atmospheric phenomena of Jupiter and reported the discovery of several variable stars in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. He had to set up his telescope on shore, of course. He worked as a lawyer, but I suppose he did all that at the office.