My reaction was a bit overhasty, sorry for that. It was definitely Noise I was thinking of, but both scenes are quite similar indeed. I suddenly recalled the Overworld quote while I was eating an excellent dinner in the huge hotel restaurant, with a view on the Lacul Rosu (Red Lake) and the Carpathian mountains beyond. A weird experience, since I was completely alone. While chewing on my gipsy grilled pork chops with paprika sauce and staring into the distance, I suddenly remembered the remaining pilgrims - I write this from memory, so a couple of details can be wrong - Cugel, Garstang, the devout Subucule and Camyre?/Casmire? arriving at the Sea of Songan. They almost die of starvation until Cugel realizes the danger by looking aside and seeing a heap of bones. If I remember well, it's Casmire who's left behind.

on the water
the reflection
of a wanderer
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