I have to agree with David that the extended titles City of the Chasch and Servants of the Wankh were better than the short versions;I only wanted to draw attention to the phonetic qualities of the names of all four non-human peoples of Tschai. Come to think of it, the name of Man-planet also has a certain ring to it, but I'm not quite certain I like it. Think of it - A planet of giant frogs! It would be more strange and wild than Tschai! A pity indeed that there are no long versions for The Dirdir and The Pnume. Any ideas?

Strangely enough it's The Face I like most, as a title. Every time I go for a walk in the evening and look up at the moon, I think of my favorite Demon Prince, Lens Larque. Surely there is no better claim to Foreverness, as far as books are concerned. Being a bit dirty minded tonight, I wonder what might trigger a similar experience regarding The Palace of Love.

I completely agree with you regarding Maske:Thaery. It's a weird title, but it sticks to the mind. It's one I definitely will never forget. Sometimes I have thought that this book was planned as the first volume of a series, with other Maske: ... books to follow.

The most cryptic title of all is The Anome, of course. I am puzzled as to its origins, and its meaning.

on the water
the reflection
of a wanderer