The general stereotype concerning approachability that seems to exist within England about the English is that Northerners are warm and friendly while the southerners are aloof and cold (hearted [email protected]). I think this basically stems from the belief that there are posh people down south who are obviously hoity toity and look down on northerners; plus there is a generational aspect to it. Approach an elderley person, up north, and you will no doubt get a friendly response - and probably their life story. A youth, and you will probably appear on YouTube, occasionally visible beneath a flurry of kicks from the youth and his feral hoody chums.

Just to reassure you all of my own good character image. I like any good Englishman would gladly dive in front of a bus, into a lake, run into a burning building etc. to save somebody - and they wouldn't even have to be an attractive young lady; I just don't want to have to speak to somebody in the street! Anything beyond telling the time is an imposition. image