Faithful to my habit of always giving the benefit of the doubt (until it stretches the limits of my intelligence...) I will simply say that Jojo may have been confused due to his insufficient knowledge of French... To imply that this e-publication is antisemitic due to the presence of this cartoon "even if you do not read French" is just silly. The article it's illustrating is all about the Hamas inflicting its propaganda on young kids (using Mickey Mouse, I'm sure you've all seen news about that), and mentions among other things that the Hamas has not renounced its goal of total destruction of Israel (as also publicly and repeatdedly declared by the current president of Iran). The cartoon is a take on the traditional Shylock-type cartoon, and the character says something like "If you throw an atomic bomb at me, do I not explode? ". Clumsy second-degree humour, admittedly, and could be misleading taken out of context , but there is no ambiguity here : there's nothing antisemitic that I've seen about this publication. To the contrary, it claims to organise "la résistance" against the French press that's wholly contaminated by leftist, anti-american, anti-sionist, pro-palestinian advocates etc (as you will see here for instance ) by publlishing "true" information. All the rest is lies, you see. It is an extreme right-wing e-publication, definitely, and its content seems quite in keeping in keeping with a number of ideas that Paul Rhoads has expressed publicly (Extant) in the past. So what's new. But Paul Rhoads an antisemite ? Absurd.

Anyway, seeing this post has started on such a wrong foot, I'm closing it. Thanks to Jojo, people who really want to improve their French and dig into the depths of right-wing souls can always go visit the site mentioned, but I don't think this is a topic worthy of pursuit here, especially when it leads to wild and unfounded accusations.

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