I'm not familiar with the book you mention, but it reminds me strongly of the Finisterre novels of CJ Cherrryh, which you might like.

On Finisterre, human colonists in a hardscrabble settlement are afflicted by the telepathic native life - particularly "horses" (nighthorses). These horses disturb many, but can form strong bonds with "riders." - except when the night horses are sick, or injured, or bereft of their riders. Then they send out crazy telepathic vibes that can drive insane humans within their range.

I happen to like Cherryh a lot. It's often somewhat tedious getting through the first 80% of a novel - but then the last 20% always pays off better than just about anybody else. The Finisterre books (Rider at the Gate is the first) is exotic, evocative, and powerful.