Well, Star King it is. The picture is right from the book, as the following quote shows :
"The landscape became distinct : green parkland, low rolling hills (...) The air was cool, scented with a vaguely herbaceous freshness. Across the valley, beyond a stand of tall dark trees, the hills rose, massive yet gentle (...) Across the meadow, Gersen saw what appeared to be a growth of flowering plants, and knew them to be dryads. They stood at the edge of the forest, swaying on supple gray limbs, their movements easy and graceful ... (...) The dryads, wandering up the shore, flourished their gorgeous fronds, swaying slowly like branches in the wind."

The other obvious choice was Maske : Thaery, of course : the transformation of Ramus Ymph at the end of the book : "As for the half-vegetative entity on the hatch, his eyes were already glazed over with a dim green crust ... small green sheafs protruded from the nodes; these, stimulated by the sunlight, began to burgeon ... she pointed to Ramus Ymph, now completely shrouded under blue-green leaves ... Ramus Ymph jerked his legs. On swift small steps he tottered to the gap in the rail, leaves rustling as he moved. He lurched ashore in desparate haste;onlookers drew aside. He stumbled to he park beside the esplanade, stepped into a bed of loose soil, twisted his feet until they were covered with moist dirt to the ankles. With an agonized effort he raised his arms on high, and in this position he became immobile. The leaves, fully extended to the sunlight, covered his face."

All in all, I think that the picture fits the quotes in Star King much better than those in Maske : Thaery : firstly, there are more of the creatures;there is also the landscape, with the rolling "massive but gentle" row of hills beyond.

There is also the first contest, with the Dutch covers! Any guesses from our American, English, Swedish, French, Australian Wankhers?

on the water
the reflection
of a wanderer
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