Many congratulations, Axo! I fully approve of the name Paul. Short and powerful, and full of connotations. It's quite popular in Hungary as well, in its Hungarian form "Pàl" (nameday 30 June, namedays are in Eastern Europe and the Balkans much more important than birthdays). There is a Flemish connection too. The "commune" Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise in Pas-de-Calais was founded by Baldwin with the Iron Arm, first of the Counts of Flanders, at the end of the ninth century. No wonder your grandson is quite robust ...
It's not too late to establish a Vancean connection, though. Just give Paul a space-yacht for his twelfth birthday (Richard Branson is a very energetic entrepeneur, who knows what he will have achieved by then) or, if this would stretch your finances to far, a beautiful Atlas of the Gaean Worlds. David confirmed earlier on this board that Jack spent as a kid many an happy hour poring over his Times' Atlas, as I did, a long, long time ago. Then again, this might be the appropriate moment to add yet another hobby to your already endless list, and decorate your manse in les Vosges with "purple bric-a-brac, stuffed animals, old books and documents, petrified dinosaur droppings", maybe even a collection of glass eyes. The old books and documents are already in your possession, I presume. Sudo will certainly find you a stuffed moose, up there in the North, although they sometimes tend to be a bit shabby (the moose, that is, not the Swedes - and shouldn't that be meese, David, as in "Look at that wild flock of meese overhead!"?) Owls, even the well-preserved ones with mice in their beaks, are now a protected species, but a concerted, well-organized search by the American and Australian members may well succeed in turning up a couple of magnificent dinosaur droppings. And finally, I don't think that you should drop "axolotl". It may result in a total or at least partial loss of your wizardly powers. On the other hand, the epitheton ornans "The Treacherous Trencherman" is definitely out of date now. What about "canny old bird"?

Ambulo, ergo sum!
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