I'm saddened to say that the Great Lakes branch of other Alien Colony the Ecceteras is also now extinct because when the American version of the Banger herin called the "POT" Banger (or Flatulence float)was introduced a few years ago they discovered that to eat one caused an explosion in their gastric appendeges wherein they would zoom 500 feet into the atmosphere and be mistaken for an incoming Al-Quaeda WMD by Dr. Strangelove AFB and be shot down by a SADDAM "Back-Stabber" missile. In an attempt to find refuge all survivors enrolled in a Assisted Living Residence for the Elderly or Disabled without knowing that the residents were force fed "Pot" Bangers as part of the "Instituitional Food Diet". Their loss saddens us all however we thought the conflagration made a nice fireworks display!

I didn't write this-Attel

P.S. I am currently reading "The Ring and The Rose" a Victorian Fairy Tale written by William Makepeace Thackery written in the mid 1850's in which The King calls for his "Bass Ale"