SINK ME RUFF! but I think I've been insulted AGAIN! By Vaidro? Yes and No Ruff it depends how Gullable you are. Gullible Master? What is Gullible? Its hard to explain Ruff but I'll try by using a Fractured Fairy Tail (No Pun intended). AS the saying goes "Once upon a time " there was a man who wanted to buy a new suit! So he went to the local mens' Haberdashery where a Salesman offered a Suit for the Customers examination. Upon viewing it the customer told the clerk"One Arm of the jacket is 6 inches longer than the other." "How can I wear this suit"he asked the clerk"I mean LOOK AT IT!! one Arm is 6 inches longer than the other." "No Problemo" replied the clerk. "Simply walk with the Arm in the longer sleeve holding your hand on your Hip no one will ever notice anything unusual. "MASTER I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND" . OK Ruff lets continue - The clerk then had the Customer try on the pants from the Suit and again One Pant leg was 6 in. longer than the other. The customer asked the clerk what do I do about this problem? "No Poblemo" the clerk told him again simply walk with the leg in the longer leg of the Suit out to the side and no one will notice. So the customer bought the Suit and walked out of the store in the manner the clerk had explained to him I.E. with one hand on his hip and one leg moving sideways. As he did so 2 ladies happened to be passing by and one said to the other"OH! look at that poor cripple, its very sad." "YES" replied the 2nd lady but you know his Suit fits him very well! "Master"I still don't understand". "Its' all right Ruff I told you it was a difficult concept to understand"."Next time I try to explain ask me to tell you the story of "The Emperors' New Clothes". "Nuff said"