Thanks for the tip, Mike. I think I'll try it.

I've just found a reference to the third porn book he wrote : "A Rude Awakening". This trilogy centered upon the Horatio Stubbs character.

I've also read, long ago, Aldiss' book of memoirs, "Bury my heart at W.H. Smith's". I've always like the title, and I officially express my desire that my own cardiac muscle be buried alongside Aldiss' . Not at Brentano's, mind you. Smith's or nothing.

Aldiss has also written another "mainstream" novel, which I remember enjoying at the time (but alas, it's almost all I remember) : Life in the West. I think it's in this book that I learnt about "The Forgotten Army". An interesting name. My wife and I have used this in a special way : we have opened a large notebook with this title, and whenever we come upon something that we keep forgetting about and then remembering again, with some difficulty, we write it down in this notebook... Very useful. Several pages long now, as we grow older!